papa africa fikile is squeezing balls

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You all know I don’t like our Minister of Twitter, Fikile Mbalula. I tried to give the guy a chance, but this clown is still more interested in attention than doing any work. He’s like a policeman from a shitty 90’s sitcom (or a current South African sitcom).

So he’s giving a talk to the police the other day, and he goes on about making criminals drink their urine, and cops must “crush” and “squeeze” criminal’s balls. I actually don’t care what happens to criminals, if the threat of ball squeezing is what it takes to stop them, then squeeze away. Something different has to be done because crime is getting (even more) out of hand.

Maybe Fikile’s tough talk would do something. But nope, a few people started moaning about what he said, and instead of standing up for himself and actually being the tough guy he acts like he is, he says he wasn’t talking about their testicles? What the Hell could he be talking about? Yeah, so I had to make this comic.

Yep…. this is the idiot in charge of the police.