Zuma taking a shit in South Africa

A Request I couldn’t refuse

Good Morning Good Morning. So, I wasn’t planning on drawing a toon this weekend, wanted to spend time on that Udemy course. But on Thursday or Friday night i got …

fikile mbalula taking a selfie

Back From Holiday!

Hey Hey! So I’m back from my holiday…. ๐Ÿ™ I wasn’t sure if I would make any comics while I was away, but after hearing that friggen Lynne “I know …

BLF Party Hire

BLF Party Hire

Sunday scribble. I was planning on doing a TCH comic but the BLF (BFLF) are still making a noise and the papers keep making us read it so thought i …

jacob zuma zombie

Jacob Zuma is a Zombie

Had some time to scribble last night, doing some skillshare class and the guy said you should try post a random sketch everyday , i doubt i’ll be able to …

prison strippers comic

Tuesday Drawing

Ok so i had another comic planned for this week, then this Prison Stripper thing happened and i had to make a comic about it. The comic that was meant …

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