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Med-Lemon Morning

Bleh I’m sick and grumpy. Still far behind on work, can’t concentrate , can’t stop coughing and sneezing. Med-Lemon does nothing, Corenza-C is as useless but tastes like feet. I …

Africartoons Gift Pack

Back Home!

Howzit! So , I’m back home after the Africartoons weekend thing. It was really cool, hectic, but cool. I’m not into the being on camera thing and being asked questions. …

funny anger

Coffee and an Idea!

Ello Gov’nor!  So I be having and idea! I think it’s quite cool and quite funny! Let me fetch a coffee and I can tell you all about it! Ok …

Fish Paste webcomic

Tuesday Morning Coffee and Comic

Morning! Coffee break time! So, what’s new with you’s? I felt like making another fish comic last night, and needed to make a dad fish character, he kinda looks dadish, …

The Adventures of Jesus Man

Friday Oats and Coffee

Good Day! So it’s Friday, Yippee. This time next week I’ll be flying to Cape Town for that cartoonists thing. I’m uploading a third cartoon this week, Monica’s exams are …

Wedwo Fish Comic

Wednesday Coffee

Good Morning Good Morning! (That’s from a show called Marion and Geoff , Check it out sometime!). Feck, have some work I need to quickly now. Be back in a …


Mehnday Morning Coffee

Morning. So I’m Meh today. Really didn’t feel like going to work , hopefully i can go home early. Didn’t do any drawing this weekend, wanted to do some drawing …

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