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Zuma taking a shit in South Africa

A Request I couldn’t refuse

Good Morning Good Morning. So, I wasn’t planning on drawing a toon this weekend, wanted to spend time on that Udemy course. But on Thursday or Friday night i got …

Zuma IT Clown Photoshop

Happy Halloween

Hey Hey, Happy Halloween! Soooo, it’s Halloween… Time to turn off my lights and pretend I’m not home when the kids come trick or treating. Not really, I actually dig …

Putin Zuma Photoshop

Thursday Breakfast Break

Hey Hey Hey! Oat Break! Are oats healthy? They taste like crap so I think they are…. Anyway So I haven’t really been scribbling since I’ve been back. I was …

Minister of Twitter Fikile Mbalula Hard at work

Tuesday’s Post Mix Up

  So this Post for some reason i made as a page so it didn’t pop up in the Blog. Brain still on holiday Howzit dudes! Today’s Papa Africa Toon …

fikile mbalula taking a selfie

Back From Holiday!

Hey Hey! So I’m back from my holiday…. ๐Ÿ™ I wasn’t sure if I would make any comics while I was away, but after hearing that friggen Lynne “I know …

papa africa fikile is squeezing balls

Tuesday Morning Chicken Nuggets

Howzit. Leftover chicken nuggets for breakfast! Didn’t post anything yesterday, work work was too busy ๐Ÿ™ But I can post today! So last week, my favourite minister of Twitter, Fikile …

papa africa south africa comic, fikile on twitter

Friday Morning Coffee

Morning Morning. It’s Friday! Woohoo! One more week till I go on Holiday! So, I couldn’t sleep, got up at 3am and decided to make a toon. So it’s a …

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