Uh…..Hello…. I am Scribbly G, a South African Webcartoonist from Johannesburg! Nice to meet! (Hearing that in Borat’s  Voice adds +5 to funny)

I’ve moved to a new site, the about section is more up to date over there…. scribblyg.com

dilbert Dilbert 2.0

I wanted to buy a graphics tablet, but the decent ones were super expensive. I had one of those crappy genius tab things that don’t work at all (Edit 11 October 2017 : I bought a wacom tab thing the other day and realised that I just really suck at drawing on something that isn’t a screen, so it wasn’t really the genius tab’s fault). I started losing my interest in making comics when i saw the price of the Cintiq that Scott Adams used. I then read something about the iPad Pro and Procreate, in the reviews it showed it worked almost as good as the Cintiq for a lot cheaper and then even if i didn’t like making comics, I knew i could still use the iPad for doodles. So i bought one of those and got to scribbling.

ipad pro and apple pencil

My iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Magical toys of inspiration! – and Ricoffy 

So here we are, a few months later and I’m still drawing, Still enjoying it. I recently got invited to the Africartoons 2017 Convention for Editorial Cartoonists. It was pretty cool, spent the weekend in Cape Town, got free food, got to meet South African cartoonists Zapiro, Jerm, Brandan Reynolds, Gain Thomson and Mangena. Yeah, super awesome stuff

Africartoons Gift PackAwesome Gift Bag from Africartoons

Sooooo….. Don’t really know what else there is to say…..  If there’s anything else you need to know, you can ask me on Twitter or Facebook.

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