A Request I couldn’t refuse

Good Morning Good Morning.

So, I wasn’t planning on drawing a toon this weekend, wanted to spend time on that Udemy course. But on Thursday or Friday night i got a message from someone on Twitter asking if I could draw a picture for them, A picture of Zuma taking a dump in South Africa the Toilet. Sounded fun, so played around with that. I did manage to do quite a bit of the Udemy course, the teacher dude is amazing.

Anyway, here is the Zuma Taking a Dump cartoon

Request to draw Jacob zuma taking a shit on South Africa

Zuma taking a shit in South AfricaIt was pretty fun to draw, I tried to make the South Africa shape into a toilet, but i couldn’t get it to look right, so i cheated and put the flag on the toilet.

The guy that asked me for this a while back asked me to make a cartoon of David Mahlobo , I had the idea for the cartoon, but never got round to making it. I did make the character though.

david mahlobo nuclear on the mind drawing

This week I’m trying to get back to normal webcomics, I learnt a lot from the Papa Africa toon, but don’t feel like I’m learning anything new from it, Gonna move to webcomics for a bit and see what else I can learn. I’ll make more Papa Africa’s later on.

Also, I managed to fix all my sites except this one, still having problems with Hetzner and they aren’t really helping. They pretty much repeat my problem back to me and say please make sure you update the thing I’m telling them won’t update. Anyway, I’ve bought the Scribblyg dot com domain now, so might start moving everything over there from fresh. This site, like the Papa Africa cartoon was a way to learn how to make a site, now I know a bit more I can start the new site with what I learnt from here. I will still update here until over there is up and running and caught up to here, then I will delete this one.

Cool. So plans for this week, learn more Udemy stuff and make a webcomic.

Keep well dudes!