Thursday Morning Papa Africa and Hack

Hey Howzit.

So this was a Papa Africa I made over the weekend, it was meant for Halloween but had other Halloween stuff that I shared so moved this to today.

Jacob Zuma Papa Africa Halloween

This was actually an old comic I made at the start of the year when I was testing out the idea of a South African Webcomic. I have the original on my iPad somewhere. I’ll try remember to upload it.

So what else…. I got an email from the dudes that host my sites, saying they had been hacked, so spent most of the morning changing passwords. I crapped myself doing the work website, So scared to lose the info on there, I don’t like messing with Databases. Luckily the work site is fine, this one however I am having issues with. I’ve emailed them and told them the issue so hopefully they can sort it. If I stuff it up somehow, I was planning on moving to a .com anyway so will just start fresh over there.

So this will be the last Papa Africa again for a few weeks, unless something really funny pops into my head. I started the Udemy class last night so going to try finish that rather than make comics for a few weeks. Watched an hour of the class last night, was mainly just theory stuff but tonight I should get to the drawy things. If i sketch anything interesting I’ll post about it.

Cool, Keep Well Dudes