Happy Halloween

Hey Hey, Happy Halloween!

Soooo, it’s Halloween… Time to turn off my lights and pretend I’m not home when the kids come trick or treating. Not really, I actually dig Halloween, always buy lots of sweets and stuff for the kiddies in the area. My complex goes all out with decorations so its pretty cool.

Anyway, I made 3 Halloween things this year, but I don’t like over posting stuff so may save the comic for Thursday. Today I’m sharing this crappy Badphotoshop of the Movie IT

Zuma IT Clown Photoshop

It’s silly , but still a fun way to learn to use this Wacom.

Anyway Anyway, I signed up for some Udemy courses on how to draw good and how to learn to other things good too (Zoolander). I’ve been super lazy so this should get me back to learning. Also, the next comic of Papa Africa could be the last again for a while. With my girlfriend on a break from studying I don’t have as much time to draw, so with the little time I do have , I think I will put that towards watching the tutorials. Will be better off in the end.

Anywizzle, have a good Halloween.