Morning Before Halloween Breakfast

Hello Howzit.

So tomorrow is Halloween, although my area the kids were Trick or Treating on Friday, but yeah, tomorrow is Halloween. I’m making a comic for Halloween, but also had an idea for a mini toon. Was gonna give it to my Cartoonist friend because he does those single panel things, but my girlfriend said I should just draw it and use it as my Halloween profile Pic. I thought it would be funny to have Jacob Zuma as a vampire sucking on South Africa.

Jacob Zuma Halloween Costume

The name, Can’t Count Dracula was a last minute thing. I showed the drawing to my friend and he said “aw cool, a Zumpire”. I tried to fit Zuma into Dracula somewhere, then tried Count Dracula which led to Can’t Count Dracula 😂 . I like the name more than the drawing.

Anyway, Happy Halloween for tomorrow guys!