Thursday Breakfast Break

Hey Hey Hey!

Oat Break! Are oats healthy? They taste like crap so I think they are…. Anyway

So I haven’t really been scribbling since I’ve been back. I was asked to make a comic about David Mahlobo so I sketched a few ideas but that’s it. Also want to make a Halloween comic for next week, I’ve really been bad. My girlfriend has finished studying and been watching TV with her instead of drawing, and then theres Fifa which is taking up time….

I’ve been practicing with my work Wacom tablet, I still suck at drawing with it, but what I am enjoying for practice is making silly Photoshop things. Yesterday was the budget speech thing and somebody shared a picture of Zuma and them listening to Malusi Gigaba fumble his way through the speech. Anyway, there was a space next to Zuma so I thought I’d see if I could photoshop Putin next to him. Didn’t turn out too bad

Putin Zuma Photoshop

It’s pretty fun practice. I shared it on Twitter and a few minutes later people had already started stealing it 😂

Putin Zuma Photoshop TweetPutin sitting next to Zuma TweetPutin sitting next to Zuma Tweet

If I carry on with making Photoshop stuff I’ll add a section to keep them in on the site. Right now they’re just getting lost in the blog posts.