Back From Holiday!

Hey Hey!

So I’m back from my holiday…. 🙁

I wasn’t sure if I would make any comics while I was away, but after hearing that friggen Lynne “I know nothing” Brown‘s lover got some massive oil deal from Eskom I had to make a comic.

Papa Africa Lynne Browns lover

You know, maybe if it happens once you can say maybe she didn’t know…. actually, not really, I would notice if my girlfriend got a multi million rand tender from Eskom. So no, there’s no excuse for this cow not knowing, and never knowing what’s going on at Eskom. She shouldn’t just be fired, she should be jailed…. but this is South Africa, so she will probably have a great chance at becoming president. There were a few Easter eggs in this comic. Anyway, enough about this fat lying cow, Let’s move on to our favourite minister of Twitter and worst Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula.

So, Fikile Mbalula “found” a drawing of himself. He shared the drawing and asks “who did this”…. the signature of the guy who supposedly drew the pic was at the bottom. So year, great police work there. Anyway, most of Twitter believed he drew it himself or got someone to draw it for him which is pretty funny. I had a few minutes free before going to the beach so thought I would improve this drawing for him, you know, make it a little more realistic. So I added a cellphone, his hand was already drawn in a semi selfie position. I probably should’ve made it better. Still funny though

fikile mbalula taking a selfie
Minister of Twitter Taking a Selfie

Need to make a section for these South African related things I do that aren’t part of a comic strip.

So yeah, I also made the comic for tomorrow while I was away. I’ll share the story of that tomorrow.

See you later crocodiles!