Thursday Morning Coffee


So the other day, Dove shared an advert, I didn’t actually see the full advert till yesterday, but what was being shared was a woman who happened to be black, took off a shirt and revealed a woman who happened to be white. The comments were that if you use dove it will make you white, that’s racist. Screenshots of this stupid advert spread and spread, the usual anger followed, cartoonists made cartoons about dove being racist. I could understand how the ad may have been seen as racist, I still didn’t think it was racist, more stupid than racist. Same as that stupid Outsurance ad where most of the dad’s were white. Not racist, just stupid.

Anyway, so yesterday someone sent me a link to the full advert and asked my opinion. I couldn’t believe how many times the screenshot or cropped version of the ad was shared on facebook and twitter, and how nobody shared the full advert. I then decided to make a quick cartoon.

racist dove advert cartoon

So , the white lady takes off her shirt and reveals another lady. So is it not racist that there was another lady under that shirt who wasn’t white? If it was a man under there, would it be sexist ? No, the advert tried to say that it works for all skin… that’s it. Not racist, but stupid because they should’ve expected the outrage. The fact that the end of the Dove advert was cropped out for every angry retweet means that people either knew it wouldn’t be as bad if you saw the end or they didn’t get to see the end and they thought that was the full advert. A cartoonist that I know shared a cartoon saying that it was subliminal racism… how can you know that? Why would you purposely do something so stupid that could potentially ruin your brand? I dunno, it’s just an advert man. Something that we should’ve looked at for 3 seconds and moved on with, but people go and blow everything out of proportion, telling people they should be offended. If something offends you, let it offend you, but nope, we go and tell everyone to be offended, all the time.

They interviewed the woman from the Dove advert…. google what she had to say.

Anyway… I leave for Umhlanga on Saturday, hopefully the rain has stopped. I’ll take my iPad so might still draw some toons for next week.

Cool dudes, have a good weekend!