Tuesday Morning Chicken Nuggets

Howzit. Leftover chicken nuggets for breakfast!

Didn’t post anything yesterday, work work was too busy 🙁 But I can post today!

So last week, my favourite minister of Twitter, Fikile Mbalula , gave a speech to police officers, calling for them to “crush” criminal’s balls! We must squeeze them! It was a little over the top, just like Fikile Mbalula, but to be honest, I don’t really give a shit about criminals. They seem to be taken over, this year is by far the most crimiest year ever! If the threat of having their balls crushed is what it takes to stop them, then crush away!  So now people have started saying he is telling cops to torture criminals… so? Stop F-ing doing crime and you won’t be tortured. Fikile comes out and says he wasn’t talking about testicles…. The one time I agree with him , he says that’s not what he meant? The Fuck were you talking about then??

Anyway, I made a comic.

papa africa fikile is squeezing balls

Silly Silly Silly