Tuesday that Feels like Monday

Howzit. So it’s Tuesday because of the public holiday yesterday. Had an awesome 3 day weekend, need more of those. Really digging the new Procreate update, everything is so smooth! Was practicing a lot of scribbles, had a nice weekend of scribbling.

Decided to make a Papa Africa this weekend, actually made 2 comics this weekend because Fifa 18 is out today and I know that will take up a lot of my drawing time. So made both the comics for the week already and now I can chill and play Fifa at night!

papa africa comic gubter

I’ve said before, what annoys me with Papa Africa is the people who want it to be realistic, that didn’t interest me. I’d rather make it way way over the top. Thinking about having this blend into my other comic I’m busy with. And then have a spin off and cross overs and stuff. I dunno. Anyway, I had fun making this one again.

This will be in the Papa Africa section Later today