Thursday Morning Coffee and Comic

Hi Everybody (in the voice of that Simpsons Doctor)

So, Thursday, Papa Africa day again! I enjoyed this one, had 2 different ways of making this strip. In the previous one, Zuma and Mugabe and gotten back in to Zuma’s office, So this one had to follow from there. The original idea i had Mugabe ask Zuma how he is going know which was the real Zuma and which was the butternut. Zuma points out that the butternut is wearing his glasses. Zuma goes up to the butternut, shouts at it and takes back his glasses. Mugabe then attacks Zuma, thinking he was the butternut because now he is wearing the glasses. All of that was way too many frames, so thought of another option , which was this one below

papa africa zuma mugabe butternut

So now i can move on to another story in Papa Africa. There’s another comic i might make this week, might save it for next week. I’m away from Friday next week for that Africartoons thing, will be back Monday night. Still don’t really know the plan, it’s a week away. Hopefully i hear more. At worst I’ll just wander around Cape Town.

Cool so this will be up in the Papa Africa section a little later