Thursday Morning Coffee


So it’s Thursday, Papa Africa Day!

I had fun making this one, It’s so silly that it makes me laugh.

Papa Africa Butternut

I don’t know how it will do, but I like it. Someone sent me a message now saying “Who the F are you, You’re pissing me off”. 🤣 Ah man that’s funny.

Anyway, we’ll see how it does on Sunday!

So what else is news. So I’ve been watching a few lessons on Skillshare, they have some pretty cool cartoon courses. I submitted a project for one of the courses a few weeks ago and forgot about it. Last night I got an email from one of the managers there, she said she saw my project and loves my toons. She asked if I would be interested in teaching some classes on Skillshare! One day maybe, but I’m still trying to figure out how to do this so there isn’t much to teach yet. Cool though 🙂

Last thing for the day. I was told to read Calvin and Hobbes, apparently it’s the best comic strip ever written. Mine got delivered today! Excited to read it, I’ve heard a lot about it but never ever read an episode.

calvin and hobbesCalvin and Hobbes